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Rooflight and skylight blinds and screens from SHY® UK

When rooflight and skylight blinds are required, SHY® UK provides specifiers and installers with an outstanding range of options. Drop and width range is from as little as 600mm x 600mm to 6.8 m x 13m.  Every level of shading through to full blackout can be achieved; twin blind systems are available for the ultimate in light control and there is a very wide choice of suitable blind fabrics. In short, there is almost no application or type of location for which SHY® cannot supply a suitable system.

Each of the SHY® blind types may be used, depending on the requirements:



Either manual or electric control is possible, ‘although manual control - via cord or gearbox and crank handle - is not practical in every location. Electric control can be achieved through directly wired controls or radio handset(s).  Please note: the latter will not be suitable in hospital environments or other areas where radio frequency transmissions are prohibited.