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OBSCURA® Roller Blinds

SHY® Obscura roller blinds have the look of standard roller blinds - but that is where the similarity ends!

This roller blind system is anything but standard: it can provide maximum overall coverage of 70m2; has fixings/brackets for virtually any situation and clever features like counter-balancing springs, making it as easy to raise an Obscura blind manually as to lower it.


Obscura Blinds - Bracket and Hem Bar Colour

With our brackets, the standard colours is white (RAL 9910) 60% gloss, however depending on the Hem Bar choice, this may also be available in Black (RAL 9005) and Natural anodised.

However, we are able to paint these to almost any colour (and we are sometimes asked for some very odd and interesting colours), but usually one of the more standard colours from the RAL colour range.

A pot of touch up paint is supplied on all special colour paint orders. We also carry touch up paint in our standard black and white.

Other minor parts/components are either white black or grey and chosen by us to complement the paint colour chosen… Unless you tell us otherwise.

SHY Obscura blinds - benefits

Multiple uses

With such a wide range of sizes and fabric options, Obscura blinds can be used for all sorts of applications - from glare and heat control window blinds to room and space dividers, projection screens in offices and use in home cinemas.
Manual or electric operation
Obscura roller blinds can be operated manually - either by side chain or via a gearbox with an attached or detachable operating handle. With our motorised options, the motor is fully contained in the roller barrel and virtually any control system is available. As with all SHY® motorised blinds, this ranges from a simple switch through to fully automatic operation, linking into building management or home automation systems.

Heavy duty hem bar

On larger roller blinds a heavy duty, weighted hem bar is used to ensure the fabric remains flat - also essential for projection screens.
High strength, quick-fix brackets
With a maximum size of 70m2 the strength and design of the brackets used for Obscura roller blinds is a critical factor, from both an operational and safety point of view.
SHY® brackets have been designed to allow quick installation and provide a secure attachment of the barrel to the brackets.

SHY Obscura – a blind for all reasons

SHY® Obscura roller blinds are made to measure in sizes up to 70m2. SHY® (UK) has also designed nine roller barrels with diameters from 33mm though to 160mm, ensuring that every Obscura blind operates efficiently and effectively, no matter what size or fabric is chosen.
As with all SHY® roller blind systems an extensive range of high performance fabrics is available from stock - from screen and flyscreens (in the Solarscene range) through to 100% blackout materials (in the Solarblock range). In the UK, SHY® is the only partner supplying Verosol’s unique metallised fabrics, offering unrivalled performance in terms of light and heat control for internal blinds.
Obscura blinds can be installed on vertical windows, sloping windows, tilting windows, rooflights and atria, shaped glazing and even curved areas such as glazed domes, cupolas or barrel vaulted roofs. Obscura blinds can even pull sideways or upwards (lifting).
Obscura blinds can be operated by side chain mechanism, crank (gearbox), or motorised and operated electrically.