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Rooflight shading made simple

SHY (UK) have extensive experience shading rooflights of all shapes and sizes. So when the owners of a home built a fully glazed extension containing a flat glass rooflight SHY were on hand to help control the heat and glare coming through the glass roof.


SHY proposed the SHY® ZIP® Fabric Tension System (FTS) with headboxes to conceal the cloth rollers and motors. This system has motors positioned at either end of the blind and these drive the blind back and forth across the glass. Clever electronics means that the motors "talk" to each other so when the blind is stopped in any position the motors gently turn in opposite directions to keep the fabric taut.


In this installation, expertly carried out by SHY (UK) dealer BBD Ltd, the headboxes were built into the ceiling detail under the rooflight with access panels for maintenance and the 1.8m x 6.2m blind is operated by a Lutron home control system. Fabric was Solarscene S110 with 5% light transmission to ensure the glare did not spoil the enjoyment of the AV equipment in this space.


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Obstacle detection motors

As a leading provider of commercial roller blind systems, SHY® (UK) continue to expand and develop their product range. The company recently introduced an extensive new fabric collection and are now pleased to announce their latest development - a suite of motors with built in obstacle detection technology for their ZIP® System.


These tubular motors which have an extensive and proven pedigree detect an obstruction, automatically stopping to prevent damage to the blind or the obstruction, so providing the ultimate in safe, reliable and trouble-free operation.


To prevent the motor stopping inadvertently it makes three attempts to pass the obstruction with a clever mix of mechanical and electrical technology ensuring that the motors accurately detect real obstacles.


These motors are designed for internal and also external blinds, where the odd gust of wind will not engage the obstacle detection when not required and there are other clever features which make them ideal for ZIP® blinds of almost any size.


Limit setting is very simple as there is no need to access the motor at any time. The blind is just fully raised and lowered and the motor senses the top and bottom of the blind travel and memorises these two positions. Soft stop is also a standard feature.


Using these new motors SHY® (UK) can make ZIP SCREEN® blinds up to 6m wide x 10m drop.


See a video on the new obstacle detection motors here

SHY (UK) black-out laboratories

When St Crispin’s School in Wokingham created a new science block they approached a SHY® (UK) dealer to provide robust yet elegant black-out blinds.


The solution was simple; the SHY® ZIP® black-out system with the flame retardant, black-out fabric securely held in the side channels by SHY® (UK)’s pioneering ZIP® technology.


In total there were over 50 blinds on this project with most being 4m wide and 2m drop. For these blinds SHY® (UK) supplied their 110mm2 headbox complete with smooth running gearbox and detachable handle to prevent unauthorised use of the blinds.


For door blinds and other windows it was possible to use a smaller 85mm2 headbox with side chain operation and a suitable child safety device.


On this project there was an additional challenge of an 8m x 5.4m window in a new lecture theatre which also needed the black-out treatment. SHY® (UK) supplied a number of blinds to cover the complex mullion arrangement on this window but the centre piece was a 4m x 3.5m electrically operated blind within a 150mm2 headbox.


SHY® (UK) used their B50 Solarblock fabric which is white backed for heat rejection but comes with a choice of face colours.


B50 cloth is a heavy duty solution ideal for this type of high use environment as its glass fibre sunscreen base structure ensures the fabric retains its shape in any plane.


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SHY (UK) - touch up paint service

At the SHY® School, our customers provided valuable feedback on the usefulness of having touch up paint available for SHY® supplied blinds - for repairing accidental surface damage during installation or maintenance ... and to cover raw edges created by cutting hardware when making an adjustment before fitting. This need was agreed to be particularly important in situations where even small blemishes could hold up payment for completed contract work.


SHY® UK's MD, Martin Dibben, followed up the feedback by asking his technical team to research the options for providing customers with the support needed. Now, whether you order the standard white or black powder-coated finishes from SHY® (UK) or a customised RAL or BS finish, you'll be supplied with a small bottle of matched touch up paint (complete with its own brush) that's perfect for repairing scratches and other blemishes on site.


With all special colour orders, the matching touch up paint is included with the delivery. For black and white finishes, the relevant touch up bottle is supplied on a customer's first order and is available thereafter from stock - at a subsidised price.