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Great blinds for Great Yarmouth

Great blinds for Great Yarmouth - Grade 2 listed building gets Grade 1 blinds

Arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in the town, Great Yarmouth Town Hall was opened by the Prince of Wales on 31 May 1882 before he became Edward VI. It is a classic example of fine Victorian Gothic architecture and is a Grade II listed building.


Despite this heritage there was a requirement for a modern approach to solar shading to help prevent glare and reduce heat gain in the main assembly rooms. In this large and beautiful space the windows were up to 4,450mm in height but only 500mm wide. SHY® (UK) worked with approved installer, Cooks Blinds and Shutters Ltd., to determine the optimum solution to reduce glare and heat but not detract from the elegance of the room.


In total 69 SHY® Obscura roller blinds with spring assisted side chain operation were used fitted with a Solarscene S200 fabric to provide the degree of control the client required. This material also has a benefit of reducing heat loss in the winter and was another advantage given that the Grade II listed status meant that single glazing was used throughout the building.


In other areas of the Town Hall SHY® ZIP® dim-out blinds were installed to provide room darkening and these were electrically operated and controlled by radio controlled switches to minimise surface wiring.


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